Mahaska County Courthouse

2023 Property Assessments

Mahaska County property owners will receive their 2023 Assessment Rolls the first week of April.  PLEASE READ THE INSERT AND ASSESSMENT ROLL CAREFULLY.  Both documents contain valuable information about your assessment.

All properties in Mahaska County have been revalued for the 2023 assessment, which will be public after April 1, 2023.  Market data, as established by buyers and sellers in Mahaska County, has been analyzed to develop the current market value of your property, excluding agricultural land and buildings, which are assessed using a productivity formula from the State.  Our website has tools to search for comparable properties and sales, as well as information about the duties of the Assessor in Iowa. 

Assessors are to establish value only; they do not determine property taxes or the assessment limitation (rollback).  Assessors study the market for each class of property and perform revaluations to be in compliance with Iowa Code. The Iowa Department of Revenue will issue an equalization order that brings all properties into compliance, should revaluations not be completed.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the assessment process. 

For property tax questions, please see the bottom of your property tax statement for a list of the levying authorities that determine your property tax bill.  Cities, counties, schools, and hospitals are all part of the levying process.  Contact these entities if you have a specific question about their levy and how it affects your property tax bill. 

A change in your assessed value does not mean your property tax will change - that is based on how the levying authorities set their budgets.  The Iowa Department of Revenue uses an assessment limitation, or "rollback" formula, to determine what portion of your assessed value you will pay property tax on annually.

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