Mahaska County Courthouse

911 Communications: E911 Service Board

The Mahaska County E911 Center is managed and partially funded by the political subdivisions located within the E911 Service Area. Representatives from the member political subdivisions are organized to form the Mahaska County E-9-1-1 Service Board.

This Board was established on August 4, 1988. It exists for the sole purpose and function of serving the people living within the confines of the Mahaska County by providing for the planning, development, management, oversight and implementation of E911 and Public Safety Communications Services and staff. The functions of management, control, and financing are carried out by the member political subdivisions through their designated voting members to the Mahaska County E911 Service Board.

The Board is established for the purpose of operating and managing an E-9-1-1 service within Mahaska County, Iowa and provide a unified, centralized, highly professional approach to the provision of Public Safety Communications. This Board is to be a combination of all units of government as required by Code of Iowa and to cooperate and participate in the formulation of the board.